40 years of Haldenhof/ Zimmerhof

What happened in the last 40 years?
… In the world?… In jewellery?… At the Jewellery symposium Haldenhof/ Zimmerhof?
What changed what ?
What events really made lasting changes?
History grows out of stories, many stories.
History grows out of a network of connections, and is not a linear process.
The connecting points in this network are the people of our jewellery
world, the educational institutions, symposiums, galleries and museums.
Friendship, vision, commitment, and worldwide events have influence and consequence.
Our jewellery history also builds its richness out of the jewellers themselves, coming as they do from different countries, cultures, with their capacity for exchange and their seemingly intrinsic curiosity.
The progress of technology, not least the Internet, alongside new travel possibilities, such as cheap airfares, have allowed east and west, north and south, to slowly grow closer.
The world is getting smaller (for some), and at the same time communication and contact possibilities expand. Our contemporary jewellery world profits greatly from these developments.
For the 40th Anniversary of the Zimmerhof Symposium we are inviting Jewellery enthusiasts, so that they can tell us their stories.

Concept: Doris Betz und Helen Britton